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The Problem

Journolink began as nothing more than a concept at our first meeting, described by one of the directors as “a bit liked LinkedIn for businesses.” However the Journolink team had a long way to go to develop the concept of a totally online service connecting SMEs with journalists, writers and bloggers in a simple but effective way. Journolink needed to develop an online product which was based on a new concept and available to the mass market, therefore they needed a website that was powerful enough to handle large scale data processing, backed up by a development team who understood the concept and were flexible and skilled enough to develop a site which continually needed to adapt based on market research and feedback. Finally they needed a secure hosting solution with servers that could handle the complexities of the site.

The Solution

Our team worked closely with Journolink throughout the process, beginning at the business concept stage way before the website was even being designed, helping them to craft their business with branding, design and contacts. We were able to ensure that as the concept flourished, the design for the website adapted to take into account the new ideas and allowing Journolink the flexibility to work and rework their business model to get a viable product for their clients. We built a data processing system which effectively tags content with relevant business sectors, topics and locations, then analyses each piece of content and sends it to the appropriate people based on their preferences. We built in a full reporting suite, allowing Journolink to analyse trends in user behaviour, searching habits, account activity and much more, meaning as a business they can effectively develop their concept based on real time user feedback. An eCommerce solution was implemented to allow people to sign up quickly and easily online, plus a full email system was integrated into the site allowing for both regular and automated email services. Finally we hosted the site on our SSD multicore servers with a redundancy system in place, ensuring a reliable service for the users.

The Effect

In its first month, Journolink signed up around 500 members from both the UK and abroad. The content on their site now has a proven track record of getting small and medium businesses onto radio, blog sites, publications and more, allowing small businesses opportunities for publicity that were previously afforded only to multinationals and companies with massive PR budgets. The servers and infrastructure, combined with ongoing support both on site and remote from the team at Digivo has allowed the business to rapidly expand without suffering from serious technical problems, allowing the team at Journolink to focus on a rapidly growing business without worrying about the technical aspect. Visit them and see for yourself at www.journolink.com


"Digivo have been and continue to be fantastic, the team are really friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I am more than happy to recommend them, in fact I wouldn’t use anyone else."

Gemma Guise, Managing Director Journolink Ltd

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