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Inspira Trading

The Problem

Inspira Trading Ltd are UK based wholesalers of cleaning products. Every year they sell thousands of tonnes of products to major retailers, hotels and companies. However they had no website, instead relying on emailing out a product list to their customers and focussing on organic growth and word of mouth to generate new business. Due to the amount of emails being sent by Inspira, issues were beginning to arise whereby the emails were going into spam folders on their client’s computers, meaning that they did not know they had received the stocklist and could potentially start looking elsewhere. Inspira approached Digivo needing a simple yet modern and attractive website with the added functionality of being able to update and distribute their stocklist in real time.

The Solution

Digivo worked closely with the owner of Inspira trading, Gary Rosen, getting his thoughts on exactly how he would like the site to look. We then discussed various automated solutions for distributing the stocklist which would integrate into his existing systems and not create extra work. Once all this had been agreed, we designed an initial concept using placeholder images to demonstrate the look and feel of the site. Thankfully Gary was delighted and even got in touch with his warehouse team straight away to get the place ready for a photoshoot! With the new photos soon with us, we finished the site and hosted it on our servers, allowing Gary and his team to upload and distribute the latest stock and price lists at the touch of a button, giving Inspira customers easier access to the products they need, when they need them.

The Effect

From having no website at all to having a smart new website, Inspira trading have already received several new enquiries. However the key is that their customers now know exactly where to go to find their latest prices, without having to rely on emails or the customer contacting them to request prices. This allows Inspira to update their prices in real time, meaning they can always offer the best possible prices to their customers, 24/7.


"Digivo were brilliant. They listened to exactly what we wanted, then delivered what we asked for. No fuss, no hassle. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for an effective website."

Gary Rosen – Managing Director – Inspira Trading Ltd

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