What We Do

Mobile Optimisation

For many people, accessing the internet on their phone is a daily activity. So why would you have a website they couldn't see? Having a website that works on a mobile phone is essential to ensure that your potential customers are not put off at the first hurdle. Digivo can help. We can create you a bespoke, mobile optimised website which works beautifully on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and more. By ensuring our designs are built to be mobile friendly from the ground up, our bespoke websites offer your clients an easy to use, engaging experience no matter where they are accessing your website from.

Digivo can also take your existing site and make a mobile version for you, allowing you a cost effective way for your customers to access your site on their smartphones. This is an ideal solution for customers who do not need a total redesign, but do want to be able to offer a mobile browsing experience to their potential customers.

Your potential customers and their online habits are evolving. Make sure your business evolves with them. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.