What We Do

A bespoke website does not have to be customer facing. Digivo can build a custom management system for your business, automating many processes which currently eat up valuable man hours. From scheduling staff to managing licenses, tracking uniform to managing subscriptions, Digivo can build bespoke management systems to take the stress out of managing your business.

Our management systems are cloud based (or Software-as-a-Service to quote "geek speak"), giving you and your staff access anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet. If you have staff in the field, our management systems provide an easy way to integrate your entire operation, no more lost pieces of paper or mistaken quotes. Our management systems update in real time, so you and your staff can access live data as they go. It also enhances the image of your company, with your staff no longer relying on carbon copy paperwork and laminated pricing lists which all too quickly go out of date.

Integrated management systems can also allow you to enhance your customer experience. Imagine a customer books a service on your website, which then automatically emails them a confirmation and blocks off that space on your calendar. Or imagine your sales team being able to access customer records from anywhere, so they walk into their next pitch armed with the full history of that customer, up to date as of the minute they access it. Our management systems give your company an advantage over the competition.

Digivo can totally tailor a management system to your exact needs. As these systems are bespoke, please contact us for more information.