What We Do

Hosting is often a neglected aspect of a website. However it can be key to an engaging user experience. A fast hosting package means your website loads faster, runs smoother and works better. Users pick up on how well a website works and little glitches can soon add up to ruin a user experience. As well as this, Google takes into account a sites load time when placing it in search rankings. Digivo offer hosting on lightning fast solid state servers, with fibre optic connections, often at a cost far less than major suppliers. It?s hosting, evolved.

Digivo make maintaining your website on an ongoing basis simple with our support contracts. For a small monthly fee we will maintain your website, updating software and making additions and amendments to keep your site fresh and new. Rather than having to engage an agency every time you want to make a minor change, our support contracts allow you the flexibility to make changes as and when you need with an easy to manage monthly fee. No long tie ins. No unforeseen costs. It?s support as it should be.