What We Do

An eCommerce website gives you access to consumers that a shop can't reach. If you do not have eCommerce on your website, then you might as well be turning away customers at the door. Digivo can help. We can integrate an eCommerce solution into your existing website, allowing you to maintain the consistency of your brand whilst tapping into a rapidly expanding new customer base. Alternatively, we can build you a fully bespoke eCommerce website, allowing you to present your products in exactly the way you imagine them.

eCommerce is more than just a payment system. A bespoke eCommerce website can revolutionise your stock management systems, allowing you to manage your stock levels at a glance, reviewing them wherever you are on your phone, tablet or other device. It can link into your existing stock management system allowing you to enhance your customer experience by showing them before point of sale if their chosen items are available.

eCommerce is no longer a novelty. It's essential for any evolving business. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.