What We Do

There was a time when certain techniques could be used to boost a website?s rankings in Google searches. This led to a raft of companies offering ?SEO? which promised to take your site to the top of Google. However, this doesn?t work any more, in fact the techniques that these companies used and indeed continue to use are now far more likely to get your site penalised, resulting in your website being banished to the depths of search results never to be seen again.

Our modern techniques focus on high quality content and user engagement. Trying fool Google doesn?t work. You need a company who you can trust to advise you correctly and ethically on how best to improve the visibility of your site. Digivo is that company. From managed pay-per-click campaigns across search engines and social media, to content outreach and engaging bloggers and social media users with rich, engaging blog posts, tweets and more.

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