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Posted by Charles Radclyffe in Ramblings on 19 Dec 2014 at 17:22

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These days it’s not just enough to have a great brand or a great product. You need to have a great presence, not just physically but digitally too. It is no longer ok to relegate your digital presence to the bottom of the to do list when branding or rebranding. It almost certainly has to be at the top of the list.

James Caan has recently said that a digital presence is now essential. Now this does not mean a flashy site alone will win you new business but it will certainly win over that dubious new potential client. Ask yourself this, how many times have you seen a link to a new website, had a quick look and made an almost snap decision about whether or not you would use/buy their products? Even if the product itself is fantastic, a sloppy site is likely going to lead you to another retailer or even turn you off the product completely. If you want to represent yourself online, surely you should be doing it well?

So how do you do this? It is remarkably simple and at the same time incredibly difficult. You would be surprised how many companies fall into the trap of avoiding the following basic steps. Firstly be willing to look at your site as an outsider. We have recently worked with a brand who felt that they had a great online presence. They had a small fan base but were struggling to entice new customers. The problem was that they felt their site was great as they had, to their credit, spent a lot of time working on it. However they had fallen into the classic trap of failing to take on outside opinion. It is even possible to do this online, so this is how we approached the problem. By looking at their analytics and installing a simple feedback system on the site, we were able to better focus their energies and redesign the site to attract new customers whilst keeping their existing ones happy. It’s important that everyone is happy with the end result, so communication is key.

Secondly work with a company that you can trust. When you feel comfortable with a company, especially a design company who will be handling the website and branding, you are more likely to both trust their expertise and learn from their feedback. There is little shame in admitting that not everyone is a design genius and an honest partner will be able to point out both mistakes that can be avoided but also what has been working and how to build on it.

So to come back to James Caan and the quote I mentioned at the start, think of another website that you trust with not only your business but also your loyalty. What does it have? A strong brand, a great product but also a strong online presence. You feel comfortable spending your money with them. Now is this not what you want for your own business? Be it attracting new customers or retaining old ones, here at Digivo we can help with all of your design needs be that offering advice around way to improve a brand image or retooling a website. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your brand, please get in touch.

Charles Radclyffe

Charles' industry knowledge and experience make him an ideal contributor for the Digivo blog. Having studied at Harrow before going on to work in large digital companies including, Charles always has an opinion on all things digital, making him a regular contributor to a number of online sites. When not at work Charles enjoys playing guitar and online gaming.


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