New Website Launch: Perfect Sense

Posted by Matthew Foster in New Websites on 28 Sep 2014 at 11:52

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We love launching new websites. Our latest one is no exception. A quick turnaround meant that we had to be on our toes throughout, ensuring that we did not compromise on quality whilst hitting the tight deadlines we had agreed with the client. We designed and built the website to be fully mobile responsive, along with designing branded business cards and flyers to make sure the launch of the exciting new business Perfect Sense went as smoothly as possible.

Perfect Sense was formed in 2014 by Lyn Johnson, with a specific mission to educate and engage the use of “the 5 senses” as part of the shopping experience that will resonate with different desire, taste, style, preference and budget. The founder has had many years interacting and working with people with a diverse range of disability and other health conditions, specifically with those with Learning Disability. This has allowed her to see the little nuances that people from all walks of life are fascinated by and what causes us to engage with what’s around us. With such experience this has allowed her to branch out into her main passion of setting up a store that is inclusive and caters for all abilities.

A new and flourishing venture of novelty and niche, bringing the simplicity of our senses in a cool and conventional way. With a wide range of products that have a certain wow factor to them, Perfect Sense has plenty to offer when it comes to specialty and disability products, wonderful toys and novelty ideas, that are perfect for young and old to use. The vast array of products have been designed to the imagery of the 5 Senses whereby color, fragrances, texture, smell and sound has been put together in an evocative display that awakens the mind to the beauty of life. With so many of the same, mundane items on the market, Perfect Sense provides an alternative to the conventional, everyday items.

With a company like this, we had to make sure the site was as original and as engaging as the concept. Let us know what you think.

Matthew Foster

Matthew Foster is Managing Director at Digivo Ltd. Prior to this he worked in several different jobs, ranging from Operations Director at a London advertising agency to Head Doorman of a nightclub. He is a firm believer that good business delivers repeat business, ensuring Digivo delivers exactly what our customer's need, when they need it. He also believes that in order to be great, a business has to listen to its customers and consistently give them what they want. Away from work he is an avid petrol head and in his spare time enjoys cars, motorbikes, boxing and playing guitar.


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