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Posted by Matthew Foster in Ramblings on 31 Jul 2014 at 15:11

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Ok so we don’t really feel like a room without a roof, but we are pretty excited to announce the release of our first app. It’s an iPhone app that allows you to control your Vultr servers from anywhere via your iPhone. We developed the app in house and we’re already working on version 1.2 which will have more features and a few bug fixes. Whilst we do that, why not check out our app on your iPhone by searching Vultr in the app store, or by clicking here. The app is totally free and we welcome your feedback.

We had been looking at offering app development to our customers for a while, so we are now proud to say that we are able to develop apps fully in house. Many companies offer apps via a third party, which can lead to issues over quality control and problems where the third party fail to fulfil their obligations or indeed just take the idea and make their own version! By developing our apps in house, we have complete control over the development and IP processes, meaning our customers get the best possible service and end result.

Apps open up a whole world of new possibilities for our customers, allowing for increased functionality with mobile devices. If you have a business you are looking to grow, why not contact us to see how an app can develop your business.

Matthew Foster

Matthew Foster is Managing Director at Digivo Ltd. Prior to this he worked in several different jobs, ranging from Operations Director at a London advertising agency to Head Doorman of a nightclub. He is a firm believer that good business delivers repeat business, ensuring Digivo delivers exactly what our customer's need, when they need it. He also believes that in order to be great, a business has to listen to its customers and consistently give them what they want. Away from work he is an avid petrol head and in his spare time enjoys cars, motorbikes, boxing and playing guitar.


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